Monday, January 21, 2013

weekend; drip thaw melt freeze

Mike and I got all
dressed up this weekend.
A friend's party,
faux diamond earings,
high heels (just me).

So rare for us
to look so glamorous.
So much fun.  photo 036-7_zps13a89c42.jpg The girls are so impressed
and pleasantly surprised
to learn their mama is in possession
of real princess shoes.
 photo 027-6_zps69399fe2.jpg
The rest of the weekend
was a bit less glamorous,
but no less dazzling.  photo 056-7_zps81214a46.jpg Our great snowfall is shrinking,
bowing down
to these bluebird days,
initiating the inevitable dance
of winter in Montana;
 photo 064-3_zps547c1858.jpg
Drip, thaw, melt, freeze
repeat until April.

Oh, but the sun
feels so good.
 photo 089-3_zpsdb956f42.jpg

 photo 083-2_zpsb30421f0.jpg  photo 068-7_zps3ee48b27.jpg Which of these geese is not like the others?

 photo 086-2_zps1badc762.jpg This little chicken was the first one to the top.

I cleaned the coop
and carried water
to the horse
in just a sweatshirt
today.  I have to stop myself
from counting, or thinking
that the first day of spring
is exactly two months away

because they're calling
for new snow
and single digits later
this week, and we know

it's true what the farmers say
to make hay while the sun shines.

Soak it up, my friends.
And stop looking
at the calendar.
 photo 046-6_zpsd00563f7.jpg


Marty Knox said...

Hi Ellie, Your blogs/photos are very impressive! Love the shot of the heifers, esp. the one with the bouffant hairdo! The girls look great.
Did I ever recommend 'Harris and Me' by Gary Paulsen? Bet you would like it. Keep flying that kite! Marty

Ellie said...

Hi Marty!! I will have to look for 'Harris and Me' - I love Gary Paulsen. Hope you're having a good winter, we need to get together next time I'm in the Bitterroot - I miss you!!

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