Monday, July 29, 2013

midsummer notes

i climb from bed 
to feel cold  morning air,
every window open and the sudden

summer shiver of bare feet 
on the wood floor.  I dress
quicky for my run,
flip on the car's heater 
as I drive the quiet early miles
to my favorite dirt road.
I pass two velvety looking bucks
their heads down, graceful in a sea
of alfalfa.

I run east, toward the smoky
outline of the Tobacco Root range,

not turning back until the sun
starts to rise, a thick vibrant pink
a color that says
I'm used to getting what I want.
I chase the retreat of purple shadows back
toward my car.   

Even here, 
just over a month past solstice
there are reminders everywhere:
a patch of yellow in the cottonwoods,
the river current crawling into lull, 
exposing roots and thirsty stones,
the perfect V of geese flying overhead,

Even now,
in the lush fullness of midsummer
there are reminders-
in the mountains of Montana
winter never feels
far away.

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