Thursday, October 10, 2013

right now

I'm doing something very ordinary, but it feels so adventurous.  I am sitting in an airport lounge, drinking an IPA, writing on my little laptop like a real grown up.  It's just beginning to get dark outside the huge plate glass window, but the mountains are so familiar that I don't feel lonely or alone.  The Bridgers, my brother is named after them, they're old friends.  I am flying across the country for three days, leaving my family in Montana. I'm going to lay eyes on Weston, my beautiful new nephew, and to see my sister transforming into someone new, a mama.

Driving here this afternoon, I talked on the phone with friends. We laughed and 'high-fived' across the miles, they rallied and cheered me on as I take flight alone for the first time in over six years.  My heart is light and happy.  I have a new book, and the latest podcast of 'This American Life' cued up on my IPod.  I am such a happy geek!!

I am struck by the total joy that can be found in this life.
New babies,
family, adventure, 
thanking the universe for 
ALL these incredible moments.
I am so

Maybe it's not so ordinary after all. 
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