Monday, November 30, 2009

Night Sledding

It's getting dark in our part of the world. By two in the afternoon, the light feels like evening light, shadows are long, and I throw another piece of wood on the fire. Daylight feels short and sweet, with bright, blue-skied mornings. I rush to bundle the kids and get outside for an hour or so - I feel such a strong urge to drink in that brightness while I can.
Over Thanksgiving, we celebrated in the new wintry darkness. Night-sledding, bonfire, hot drinks and layer after layer to keep warm and prolong our time outside. Two Thanksgivings ago, Amelia sampled her first food - squash we'd grown in the garden. She was not overly impressed until the next day when she tried sweet potatoes. This year she dined on 'dinosaur leg.' Aven demonstrating her impressive head control: She looks so pleasantly surprised with the world around her...helps me stop and remember how lovely it all is. And especially lovely: Amelia's new golden slippers paired with 'big-girl' underwear. We are thick into do-or-die potty training...wish me luck!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

One month later...

Aven continues to practice new expressions, but spends most of her time looking elf-like:

A weekend trip to grandma's house- where winter has already settled in. You can actually feel the world falling asleep, going silent and cold until spring. I got a half hour all to myself to walk a trail I've been walking in all seasons for 18 years.

I think one of the coolest things about being a parent is getting to watch someone do something new for the first time...which happens almost every day when you have a two-year-old. This is Amelia's first ever snow angel - pretty nice, I think.Then there's her first ever dinner party with a pink bear, for which she served birdseed.Aven's first time sledding- she loved the sled, fell asleep as I pulled her over the snow.What you get when you ask to eat letters for breakfast...Amelia ate the 'A,' I ate the 'B,' and Seeley (our dog) was very excited to get 'C' and 'D.'A few more baby pictures...just because I have a lot of them!
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