Wednesday, April 3, 2013

32 things I love today

  1. Dipping toes into the icy Big Hole River in the first week of April.
  2.  photo 097-5_zps58e8fc67.jpg
  3. My trusty old red subaru.
  4. Avacados
  5. Being amazed each year at the utter force and brilliance of sudden spring in the mountains.
  6. Sandhill cranes flying high over our house, calling to each other.
  7. Today I talked to my mom, my dad, my sister and my brother.  All of them.
  8. New friends, old friends, my wonderful community of awesome women.
  9. Boots and skirts.
  10.  photo 035-13_zps93448d45.jpg
  11. The harmonica.
  12. Toting a flat of spindly, reaching seedlings into my warm hoophouse in the morning.
  13. Coffee.  First Thing.
  14. Realizing after the last two years, that I'm happier in my 30s than I was in my 20s.
  15. The simultaneous heartache and pride I feel watching my girls climb trees, grow strong, and think for themselves.
  16. Watching the sun rise this morning.
  17.  photo 001-19_zps485eb537.jpg
  18. Washing my face with sugar.
  19. Knowing that in a week, my schedule will drastically change, opening wide for summer.
  20. Being with my man, who makes me happy.
  21. Saturday mornings.
  22. This girl.
  23.  photo 022-11_zpsd4c3eb2b.jpg
  24. The smell of rain.
  25. Roadtrips, long or short.
  26. Lilacs.
  27. This girl, too.
  28.  photo 060-7_zpsde4e07d9.jpg
  29. My mother-in-law, who cleaned my entire hosue today, made my birthday dinner, and bought cupcakes.
  30. Running the hogback with Ruby.
  31. Dramatic spring skies.
  32. Still eating tomatoes from last year's garden.
  33. Poems.
  34. Thrift stores.
  35. Taking pictures.
  36. Trusting myself- it sounds so simple.
  37.  photo 084-9_zpsb3aeaaf0.jpg
  38. This.
**Birthday list idea borrowed from the lovely Nici, over at
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