Tuesday, January 15, 2013

three skirts, a song, and the sun

Then the storm ended.
The wind died
and the sun came out.
Photobucket After only a few days
of  cloudywhite skies
I was trying to keep
myself from counting
until spring.

I even went so far
as to prepare
for spring
in the form of three new skirts.
I like to reuse/repurpose
when I make things, so
my skirt is the bottom of an old knit shirt
with a simple casing & elastic,
Amelia's is new fabric on the outside
but lined with a piece from a soft vintage bedsheet,
Aven's is new fabric, but hemmed
with second-hand vintage bias tape.

Something old
something new.
They'll be warm enough
worn with leggings
for the next few weeks months.

*  *  *
I've been
listening over and over
to this song

Good dreamy winter music,
I think.
i threw stones at the stars
but the whole sky fell...

It's not the coolest video,
so just start it, then go
do something else

like sew a skirt
in the dead
of winter
while you listen.
gorgeous frost flowers blooming on the sides of my hoop house

*  *  *
This morning when I opened the door
to let Ruby (our dog)
outside, I couldn't believe
how suddenly warm
the air felt.

It was 7 degrees.

But after waking to -15
the last few mornings,
it felt downright balmy.
No wonder I'm thinking
about baring my legs.

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