Wednesday, January 16, 2013

on luck, words, and dirt

Something small and amazing
happened in the last
twenty-four hours. 

I heard from a ranch,who last year
bought a weekly produce share
from me.

I had told them I would be charging more
this year for a produce share.
Quite a bit

And then I hadn't heard
for awhile.

But yesterday
they said yes,
yes please,
sign them up.
Because they value

what I do in the dirt
in the early cold mornings,
the late warm evenings,
with my kids, with my man;
the watering, thinning,
weeding, tending.
They said yes
to supporting my farm
for another year.
my farm, last summer

Does this mean
I'm a real farmer

Then today
I heard from Mamalode
about my article.
They will be
paying me
for my writing.
397 people read
my words,
and the editor said
keep writing,
keep submitting.

Does this mean
I'm a real writer

Were there ever two vocations
I wanted more?  Both depend so

much on determination,
confidence, and
blind faith. 

But there is something
in either form of creation
that still feels unspeakable,
something like

If growing seedlings
and growing words is what I get
to do with this life
than I will remain amazed

and in awe
of my good luck.


Laura said...

Ellie - you're comments today gave me goose bumps. What a true blessing to be cultivating your life's passions. You are a gifted writer & a talented gardner. You're an amazing mom too. I still think of your tomatoes last summer & they were so absolutely wonderful! If you decide you'd like to do a few family CSA shares this year sign me up!

timandleah said...

I found you through Mammalode. You ARE a writer, and a fine one. Sounds like you're a pretty great farmer too. Keep it up sister.

Ellie said...

Laura - I am puting together a CSA brochure - but would love to grow a share for you and your family this year!! It was so good to visit with you and sweet little Beth the other morning - makes me realize how big my girls are getting!

timandleah - thank you so much for reading & commenting!! It seems so strange to 'meet' people online, but Mamalode is such a great community - I really appreciate your words!

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