Monday, December 14, 2009

The Tree

Mike and I had known each other for about two months when we first went Christmas tree hunting together. It seems like such a small thing, but his approach to choosing the perfect Christmas tree made me realize that I had found someone who would bring a new perspective, a mindfulness to things I had not given much thought to before. He will not cut a perfectly symmetrical, beautiful tree if it stands all alone in the forest. A tree that is obviously flourishing where it is, gets to remain there, if Mike is doing the cutting. No, he looks for a nice looking tree that is crowding out other trees, or being crowded…the man does selective thinning for forest health when we get a Christmas tree!
This would have been a complete family photo-very Christmas card appropriate, but Amelia fell asleep on the drive into the mountains, and I absolutely subscribe to the 'never wake a sleeping baby, or grizzly bear' philosophy.
More attempts at seasonal festivities: I remember building these things in elementary school...but for some reason it was a little more challenging this year! We just decided to call the roof cave-in a sky-light.
And one last one of the cutest monkey ever in her sling:

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