Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All I Want

I know the time will come when both girls will have things on their Christmas lists that I cannot or will not want to get for them. Friends of mine with older children talk about the wishes for cell phones, video games, expensive brands of clothes...but I am happy to be currently living in a time when all Amelia asks for is a bongo drum, a blue scarf, and a Bob Marley CD. Her list could have been my sister's after she turned 14 and entered her hippie stage (or my own, for that matter). Along with the blue scarf, I raced through the making of two stockings for the girls while they were napping. They're still waiting for some white fuzz at the top, and a loop to hang them by...but I vow that they will be hanging by the fireplace by Christmas Eve! Amelia loved decorating the tree...and taking the ornaments off and leaving them all over the house, then finding them and decorating the tree all over again. So far the tree has fallen over twice...Santa made a guest appearance in town on Saturday, so of course we were there. Amelia was pretty unsure about Santa and way more interested in the shelter cats that were there to be adopted, but once she found out that Santa had candy, she was all over it.

Wishing a holiday full of peace and light to all of you!

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alli said...

I have the cutest nieces in the universe!!!

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