Thursday, October 22, 2009


Out my living room window, I can see a dusting of new snow just at the top of the mountains, while the closer perspective shows that my lawn is still strangely green. The deep freeze we had either last week or the week before (notice the title of this post) has stunned all the leaves where they hang, and it seems we've skipped over any kind of fall color-change and gone straight to brown-on-the-limb. I guess they'll blow off over the course of the winter.
Today was beautiful, though- that gold fall light that seems like it comes all sideways and soft angles no matter what time of day it is. I took the girls in my NEW double stroller down to Bird's preschool in the morning, then picked her up again at noon. I love shuffling along a sidewalk that is covered with leaves, even if they're not very colorful...

I'm feeling the strong urge to fall-clean/de-clutter my house as colder weather sets in and we're spending more time to-do list should take me all winter! I also have a lovely newly-painted purple front door that may help distract me from the fact that we REALLY need to paint our whole house soon...hopefully next summer. Even though the newest member doesn't even weigh 12 lbs yet, it's amazing how much smaller our house feels now that it's containing all the gear that a family of four needs, wants, can't live without...but our little house does keep us from amassing too much.
This weekend we're planning to squeeze in a poetry reading, 3 yr-old's birthday party, a friend's 30th birthday party (she somehow has booked a not-open-for-the-season-yet ski hill & lodge for the night...!), picking up grandma at the airport, girl-get-together, and who knows what else...again, note the title of this post.

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dig this chick said...

I hear you on the blur. Sing it. Sounds like a great, full life you have right now. That last photo of you with your makes me so excited to meet my girl stretches in my belly right now. yay

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