Monday, February 18, 2013

weekend: wild girls & dragons

"All good things are wild and free." ― Henry David Thoreau  photo 037-10_zps3ee9581f.jpg  photo 041-7_zps4d4cd6c7.jpg *just look at her face...
 photo 022-11_zps2abe5dc5.jpg
*am I ever stylish...

 photo 007-18_zpsaaaed200.jpg
*liquid sunshine from the tips of tree branches to the tips of pigtails*
 photo 008-15_zpsde79eef9.jpg  photo 060-7_zpsd6eaa47f.jpg
*waiting for a dragon*  photo 052-7_zpsbbec5395.jpg *still waiting*  photo 063-12_zps296597cc.jpg *The dragon emerges from the front doors of the Silver Bow County Court House *  photo 086-2_zps0da6b43f.jpg *It's good luck to make all the noise you can*  photo 073-14_zps9e504fcb.jpg *Happy Year of the Snake from Butte, America*

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