Wednesday, February 27, 2013

40 scenes - my day

  1. wake alone, my snoring drove mike out of the bedroom.  damn tonsils.  this cold is hanging on.
  2. the sky just starting to lighten
  3. girls asking for warm milk
  4. boil water for coffee
  5. owl shirt, braids, yearbook order form (really, for kindergarten?)
  6. dress, brush, feed amelia, send her out the door with mike
  7. attempt to work on school work while the cutest three-year-old on the planet distracts me
  8. make aven's lunch
  9. realize that it is amelia's day to bring snack and she has already left
  10. panic over the 22 kindergarteners that will be starving because of me
  11. chop wood, stoke fires, pack my school bag
  12. shower, dress, make tea for the road (coffee is long gone)
  13. buckle aven into her carseat, drive off forgetting the mail
  14. deliver creative-last-minute snack to amelia's school
  15. drop aven and her lunch at preschool
  16. park, walk, relax my shoulders
  17. ask myself why the rush, what would happen if you just relax for a second?  Enjoy the blue sky, the wind, the nearness of spring
  18.  photo 015-10_zps10a3b9c8.jpg
  19. relax shoulders again as I walk into class
  20. mind is blown by the guest presentation of an orthodox rabbi
  21. contemplate giving more of my soulbrainmind to faith.  decide i cannever willnever be orthodox anything
  22. race to pick aven up
  23. race to get gas and get home before amelia's bus
  24. haul aven's sleeping body out of her carseat.  strip her of shoes and nestle her into my bed
  25. meet amelia's bus with seconds to spare
  26. gather eggs, feed chickens, fill cow water tank, carry two five gallon buckets to the horse
  27. watch thrown hay as it is caught by wind as it arcs into jack's pasture from my hands
  28. watch as ruby chases a fox out of the windbreak, watch as she gains on the fox before looping around and returning to me as I shout her name into the wind
  29. chop wood
  30. scratch together enough leftovers for dinner
  31. take aven's temperature as she sits at the dinner table with flushed cheeks.  102.1
  32. efffffffff...
  33. swap her dinner for a lime popsicle and tylenol
  34. dishes, jammies, brush teeth
  35. dance with amelia to wilco, the weepies...ipod is stuck on 'w' artists
  36.  photo 018-12_zpsd1aa95e8.jpg
  37. read two chapters of the boxcar children and the guinea pig ABCs. 
  38. mediate a quickhot fight over a seashell
  39. haul blankets, water glasses and sleepy children up the stairs
  40. tuck them in and kiss their sweet faces
  41. stoke fires, finish a glass of wine, and realize my take-home test is due tomorrow
  42. sit down and stare at the computer screen.  make this list.  hit publish.
 photo 012-17_zps01737aa8.jpg **Here I am.  Another day.  And I am still standing.**

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