Thursday, October 20, 2011



New snow on the mountains
and the hills just
call and call
for you to climb them.


Out here I am so aware
of the scale of things;
the throbbing orange life
of lichen on rock,
the mountains in every direction,
the sweep and rise
to sky.


That we can just
take an hour
before evening
and be here.

Makes my heart



sarah said...

ellie you make me fall in love with our montana all over again. i can almost smell that air. this makes me miss the other side of the mountains where the sky is even bigger. great photos. you are beautiful!

6512 and growing said...

Is there an elk in your freezer?

Ellie said...

No elk (yet!) - yours? Hoping so!

6512 and growing said...

A deer is being packed out today through our first big snowfall!
The truth is I don't love deer as unanimously as I do elk. Most of it is fantastic, but occasionally there's that gaminess, you know? Luckily Dan's hunting partner who got an elk, is giving us HALF of his animal! (he's a bachelor and doesn't cook much, so....).

kyndale_pease said...

It looks a lot like Nevada!

barefoot mama said...

I really enjoyed everything about this beautiful!! "hi" I'm Barefoot Mama:)

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