Thursday, October 6, 2011

more than enough


The other day we went to the woods
with a plan.

We needed six or seven
small lodgepole pines
to build a tipi for the girls.



Of course we found more than enough.


And a fire ring
beside a stream.

Photobucket build a tipi
or two.


p.s. A friend told me that she had been unable to write comments on my posts - and I LOVE getting comments. So I may have(hopefully) fixed this. If you are so inclinded to comment, please do; it's nice to know you're out there!


kyndale said...

Hi! I've never had problems posting comments. So, all good here. Have you made the teepee yet? What a fun project! xo

Anonymous said...

Nice post ! :-)

sarah said...

yay! i can comment now :) have fun with the tipi making, what a grand idea. lucky sweet girls for such fun parents. xo

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