Tuesday, September 20, 2011

deep breath

After a day of feeling like I am, quite possibly, not cut out for this mama-gig...


I put the girls to bed upstairs, and take a minute alone.
To think about the things I noticed today
that I am so grateful for.

* the sound of a dried leaf blowing along the sidewalk as I walked downtown
* Aven patting my shoulder and telling me I love you, too because she is so used to being told first
*Amelia going to bed with big plans to make coffee for me in the morning (we set up the coffee maker, she just has to turn it on when she comes down in the morning)
*The bowl on my kitchen table overflowing with red tomatoes, and having our first salad of fall greens with dinner tonight
*finding time to do something just for myself - even if it is just sitting on the porch watching the sky get dark

*That tomorrow I will get to try again.

1 comment:

kyndale_pease said...

Oh, I feel like that most days too. (Especially if I have a sick one to take care of. I totally need my sleep!) It's so comforting to hear the sound of leaves blowing against the sidewalk. Sometimes my kids will just stand and stare at leaves blowing around. This of year is a huge transition for me. We're so busy with school. I miss summer! :)

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