Sunday, January 9, 2011

weekend - bundle up

We had a few days of thaw last week; just enough of a shift to make it impossible to keep from looking ahead...from beginning to consider spring as a (far off) possibility. Mike and I surfed hoop-house and greenhouse websites, made lists of what we want to prioritize over the next year, or two. The mountains of snow shrunk back softly into themselves, leaving spots of naked, gray pre-spring twist of dried grass and mud. Walking around our yard, I could feel the weak heat of sun through my coat.

Then it got really cold again.

But now we've had a taste of prolonged outside-time, and we are not going to wimp out! Just add more layers and keep moving.

We have these amazing snow drifts all around the outside of our windbreak. The wind carves mountains, ledges, and slick snow-slides; which are best taken advantage of without a princess dress hanging out over your snowpants (too much traction...?) Or you can always ride down on your sister...


On Sunday we drove up to the spring for water. It was cold; 10 degrees and just a little wind. The ice crystals all around the spring were so beautiful, but none of my close-ups turned out well.


I did get this lovely close-up, though:


It was perfect snowflake weather.


Seeley blends in well this time of year.

We braved the cold for a few runs with the sled.



It's not supposed to warm up again anytime soon. But we got a taste. And some nice rides.


earthycrunchy said...

Hi, I found you through 6512 and growing. I love, love your photography and your pretty life out there in Montana!

Camilla~ Bloom said...

Hi Ellie, nice to meet you.
Neat that you live in Montana too, your header is majestic. Looks like you all are having some winter fun!
Have a great "snowy" week.

jenny said...

Good grief-- I SO know what you're talking about. Those spring teasers are bittersweet. Funny that my girl wears her princess dresses under her snow gear, too.

I love the snowflake pic. So good. Also, do you have to haul your water? You rock.

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