Monday, June 28, 2010

running new roads & a pitchfork fondue

I've found this wonderful place to run and walk...
Photobucket From a distance, it doesn't look like much, or maybe a better way to say it, is that, it doesn't look like anything fancy; a rocky hill, rolling grass, wide open sky
Photobucket When people ask me how I like living here, I usually just say that I've never taken so many pictures of the sky in my life...
I have two passengers, so real 'hiking' doesn't work these days, but a decent road and my wonderous-life-saving-double-stroller...yes... we can do that.

I usually don't see anyone, sometimes a lone pickup will drive by, usually with a dog or two in the back
I feel independent and strong out there- the hawks seem to fly along the road with me.
The business that Mike bought (which prompted our move to this part of the world) had a 'retirement / meet-the-new-guy' party the other weekend. The Dillon term for such a thing is a 'pitchfork-fondue'... intriguing, yes?
Amelia planted herself in a group of rowdy kids...and had a blast

Photobucket we are feeling very welcomed...

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