Monday, December 24, 2012

on the eve

The temperature has been dropping all afternoon.
Snow moves in and dusts everything,
then the sky lightens a minute,
before clouds thicken again.
We're keeping warm -
both woodstoves have been burning
for days.
Today we ventured out
on short cold hike.
We were the only things
moving for miles.
Mom, I know
what that pink thing is
way over there...

It's Amelia.
I packed cookies and hot chocolate
for a break along the way
but it was too cold to stop
moving.  So we huddled
in the car and licked
sprinkles from our fingers.
041-7_zps8a8cdc90 004-13_zps028cd958 Back home
the girls bundled up
beneath the tree.
Amelia always wins.
Go fish...
032-16_zpscd9aef5a Now it's holding
at nine degrees.
Hope Mr. Claus is wearing
his wool underwear.

Peace + Love, Ellie


erin said...

merry christmas ellie! i loved our dueter carrier, so happy when i see others using them too. i love the fort under the tree, so perfect. all looks peaceful and calm. new year's blessings to you! xo


Ellie said...

Hi Erin - Happy Holidays to you and your family!! Thank you for 'stopping by' my space here!

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