Thursday, April 26, 2012

spring & trust

For all its false starts and drama,
spring delivers such mindblowing magic;
from bladethin tomato seedlings
unfolding toward the sun
to the cream colored foal that appeared
in our neighbor’s pasture overnight,
life begins to suddenly happen.


Nothing can explain the idea of faith
to me the way growing food can;
to sprinkle sandlike seeds on the ground,
to bury them, water them, and leave them
alone. To trust them,and trust
what it is they do. To trust
that April's turned & planted ground
will become an edible jungle by August.


shadymama said...

yes yes yes. "nothing can explain the idea of faith/to me the way growing food can".

sing it, sister.

6512 and growing said...

yes, I hope the wonder of a seed will always leave me in awe.

erin said...

i love your words on trust, that far flung trust that takes us to our edges, to see what is further away, that we cannot yet see, feeling okay to embrace the space between the sowing and the harvest. yes, i am trusting the little hands that sow seeds beside me, and i am trusting the fertile earth to weave her magic beneath and above...

wishing you a plentiful spring!

~erin xo

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