Thursday, March 22, 2012

the third day

There is still ice on the shaded stretches of the Beaverhead River. They go barefoot anyway, dipping toes into water that just days ago was snow high in the Pioneer Mountains. It is the third day of spring. The wind blows, but the sun still feels soft on our bare arms, the sides of our faces.


I keep calling Amelia back to me. In wild places, she finds a different rhythm. Her body moves gracefully over rocks, through tangles of willow saplings.
She disappears quickly, her eyes on the ground.




At my side, Aven narrates; Today is best, mama! I am never going home, just NEVER! We can live right here! Oh, look at this beautiful rock. It is just so beautiful! Hold this, okay?" and she hands me a bent piece of bleached grass, to my eyes indistinguishable from any other piece at our feet. But I find I am still carrying it when we finally reach the car.

Today is best.


shadymama said...

glad yer back! happy spring.

kyndale_pease said...

So, so lovely. I love spring! I love those barefoot toes on the ice. Something we would do around here. Glad to see you!


6512 and growing said...

I too am glad you're back in your barefooted loveliness!

Ellie said...

awwww, thanks ladies :)

Bethany Susan said...

what a beautiful description of the joy of youth and spring. love these images.

Erin said...

it was a breath of fresh air to read your beautifully composed words tonight : )

oh spring! may it unfold and return us all to being like children, like your girl in wonder, barefoot and open hearte, along river banks and homesteads.

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