Monday, December 5, 2011

december notes

Here in the northern hemisphere,
we have 17 days more
until the earth begins her gentle tilt
back toward the sun.
I am counting them.

I am feeling the longer darkness
in my bones, in my dreams,
in the way my thoughts
brush slowly against each other;
like bodies moving underwater.


Today was cold and brilliant;
a dazzling bluegold day, I felt my face
tip to the sun like a flower
drinking rays. I felt my hands
tingle and go stiff as I threw hay
to the horse & llamas, shook a can
of wheat under the olive tree
for the chickens to find.

Sparrows & finches spray
from the feeder to the bushes
as I walk by, their collective sound
in flight is like a sigh;
dry grass rushing
in a sudden breeze.


This is what I mean.
I appreciate this slowing,
this return to the elemental
at the end of the year; light, warmth,
food; I feel things
with a deliberate intensity
whether it is sunlight on my face,
bread dough beneath my hands,
wool around my neck.

What would I do with myself
without seasons?


sarah said...

o ellie,
please think about publishing this somewhere. your writting is stunning. i go away with a beautiful and settled feeling. wow. and wow that you wrote this most likely in one day. wow.

Bethany Susan said...

this is so beautiful it almost hurts reading it.

6512 and growing said...

Bluegold is the best word I've heard all December.

This is stunning. Thank you.

Ellie said...

Thank you all for reading...and for your words. I cannot tell you how good it felt to read them.

erin said...

i have just discovered your blog, like a little mine of bluegold!

thank you for the breath of fresh air and the images that remain with me,

nice to meet you:)


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