Tuesday, April 12, 2011


In the last few days, it has finally started to feel like spring; bare arms in the sunshine, grass between toes, flowers blooming...actually I didn't grow these...I have about a million rabbits that live all around my house and in our windbreak. These lovelies wouldn't survive for a minute out there. So thank you to my local grocery store, who had tulips bundles for $3.99 today. They won't last long, but I am going to enjoy the heck out of them for the next few days...while trying to keep Aven from eating them or knocking them off the kitchen table. Photobucket Along with enjoying the warmer temps and longer days, I am REALLY enjoying the fact that it is now usually warm enough that Aven can eat in only a diaper which cuts way down on laundry. I can't remember now why I gave her a spoon and a stalk of celery...but I'm sure I had my reasons. Photobucket We had a little jam session before leaving for town this morning. Amelia is dressed for preschool...she completed the look with sequined flip-flops...over the socks. Sister has style. Photobucket Photobucket A post-art-making manicure. So while I'm not able to grow tulips, my peppers and tomatoes are starting to stretch out in our mudroom-turned-greenhouse: Photobucket Photobucket I have yet to figure out why this makes me so ridiculously giddyhappy to see, but it does. It is absolutely magical that I can take something the size of pencil tip and from it grow crazy amounts of food. In other growing news, the girls and I picked these easter baskets up at the thrift store a week ago, lined them with tin foil and planted some of the leftover wheat seed from our germination test and viola...we are ready for that bunny! And none of that nasty flossy plastic grass...so yay! Photobucket Our days are starting to tip towards more time spent outside than in, which is soo soo soo needed after this long winter. We're making progress on some projects, too. I started turning over ground for some new flowerbeds and found that the chickens are great gardeners. They pretty much chased me out of the way while they scratched for worms and bugs, and they did a fabulous job breaking up clumps of dirt and grass. Photobucket Good chickens! They follow us all over the yard. I'm going to miss my free-range ladies once we build a run for them...but I won't miss all the chicken poop EVERYWHERE. And I'm checking out plans for a chicken tractor. I think it would be great out in our pasture when the weather is warmish. What...you don't know what a chicken tractor is? Google chicken tractor right now. They are sheer brilliance on wheels. Love them. Photobucket Photobucket Don't mess with Princess Layer! The other fabulous thing about the arrival of spring and lots of outdoor time...is that it is usually followed by naptime. Luckily, my kids usually just drop whenever and wherever they need to. Photobucket Note that Aven has NOT dropped her bag of chips...poor girl doesn't get chips very often and she is not letting them go! Photobucket Photobucket ***** Insert huge sigh******* Photobucket There, now you've read the genuine 'barefoot notes!'


Malissa said...

I love your Easter baskets! What a swell idea. I am going to google chicken tractors now. :)

6512 and growing said...

1) That hoop house is going to be amazing!
2) Your peppers are gorgeous.
3) Chickens are so good at garden bed prep (even if they snatch most of the worms).
4) At one point when we were thinking about a temporary move to sea level, Dan was lobbying for Hamilton, MT, which was sort of random and I had a feeling we might feel a little out of place, *politically* and stuff.
5) Your daughters are beautiful.
6) My daughter will be 4 in May and I know what you mean about getting glimpses of their teenage selves. Gulp.

Bellie said...

Princess Layer!! Love her & holding on to the bag of chips - I can totally relate and I love the picture of Amelia with her doll. I am so glad I made time to read your blog. So refreshing.

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