Friday, September 24, 2010

a little cinnamon and a little soil

One of those mornings,
where the list of errands to run before naptime
grows and grows
before we even leave the house…

The bathroom is swamped
after my shower; little hands keep pulling back the curtain
to toss bath toys into the tub for me. Two plastic fish
and a pink balloon float past my ankles…

I’m loading the car,
grocery bags, jugs for water,
diaper bag, lists…
when Amelia pushes a chair
up to the kitchen sink and begins to play
in the soap bubbles of our soaking
oatmeal pot…


Walking past, I hear her talking through
her recipe for a ‘soap-pie;’
a little cinnamon, and a little soil,
put it all together…

I love that combination.
I had to stop and play a little
in the sink, too.


At the end of the day,
what is it
that you remember stopping for,

making the time for.


6512 and growing said...

A little cinnamon and a little soil...
Kids are the best chefs.
What a lovely moment, so nice that you made time for it in your busy morning.

Christi said...

Beautiful writing. Good to remember to stop for those little moments. Too many times I get caught up with what I need to do and sometimes overlook what is important. :) Thanks for the reminder.

aftml said...

ya know - my little bear dragged a laundry basket into our bedroom the other day, filled it with a pillow and climbed in. "baby in boat, Big Wadduh" he said. "mama wait on dis wock" - he pat the bed. sailed around the world and back, "i miss you, mama! i tumm back to dis wock" and i smile, kiss him, "i missed you, too, bear!" his face turns serious. "mama, i going. you wait on dis wock." and on and on.

it was only a little while later that i noticed; i really did feel as though i was alone, on a rock, waiting for my love in the middle of a raging sea.

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