Monday, August 23, 2010

once around the sun

Aven will be a year old in just a few days.


There is so much to celebrate.


She walks with purpose on her short legs, points and names everything she sees (usually 'this' or 'that'), laughs so hard with her sister, is still surprised by peek-a-boo. She moves through the world with such determination, curiosity, and grace.


This morning I heard her chirping and singing from her crib. I climbed the stairs to her room and looked around the corner to find her standing, holding the railing, smiling that surprised and contented smile, her pale hair sticking out in every direction as the sun poured in all around her.


Sweet Aven-pie. We are so grateful for this year. We are so lucky to have you in our family, to watch you discover the world, and remind us how lovely it all is.



aftml said...

cheers to the first of many many years around the sun. yay one year old!

dig this chick said...

Awe happy birthday, Aven and happy birth day, Ellie. I remember the post after she was of my favorite combinations of words ever. You said Things I grew this summer: Amazon-style daughter & way too many tomatoes! You may be starting over with your garden this year but your harvest last year was pretty impressive! xo

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