Thursday, July 15, 2010

a new river

I have loved rivers everywhere I've ever lived; from Sourdough Creek that rambles through Bozeman, to lazy summer days floating the Blackfoot with friends and beers, to submerging my 8 days overdue! pregnant body in the Bitterroot River last August praying for those first contractions while trying to keep cool.

We've just met the Big Hole River....

but I think we'll get along, just fine...Photobucket

why would my child rather eat rocks than food?...potting soil is a close second...

After leaving the river and admiring the cactus along the side of the road,

we made a quick stop at another fishing access...where I dropped my camera through the bars of a cattle guard that just happened to be filled with water...(sigh)

My camera's recovery is not looking very good at this point. So my blog may be a little short on photos for a while.

Hope to be back soon.

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